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    Feb 26,  · The Rockin' Rebels turned out some great instrumental rock and roll in Buffalo, New York from the late '50s to the early '60s. in fact, the opening song and title track from this collection - "Wild Weekend" - was one of rock's biggest instrumental hits in /5(4).
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    Feb 26,  · To make the muddy waters even murkier, Swan then re-released Rockin' Crickets but showed the artist as The Rockin' Rebels (even though it was still Big John Little & The Rockers) but inserted a new B-side, Hully Gully Rock, which HAD been done by The Rebels/Rockin' Rebels. This time the A-side topped out at # 87 Hot in May Confused?5/5(4).
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    album that is us, the Rebels, the Buffalo Rebels–is ‘Wild Weekend.’, “Wild Weekend” sold top 10 and the public was cravmg for Rebel-rockin’ instrumentals. To flesh out an album for a long dead group, unknown musicians were rushed into Swan’s studios to rework classics.

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