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    Can a simple wrist band possibly be your answer? The Bionic Band™ is a wrist band that contains a small piece of copper or stainless steel that has been "imprinted" with a specific frequency. Wearing this band (or one of the other imprinted products) will send this frequency throughout the cells of your body.
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    Mar 14,  · I bought a Bioninc Band 2 weeks ago. I returned it last week. I didnt help me sleep better or make my pain go away. I actually bought another type of band that uses hologram technology. I have to say that after buying the Bionic Band i thought it was .
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    Aug 20,  · Bionic Band — Investigating Credibility of Product. 1. D Dennis Goldberg Review updated: Aug 20, except the line "When you place the Bionic Band® on your body, you are creating that same balance and also opening up the energy pathways (circuits) by aligning the protons and creating that "cellular teamwork"." Double bline means Author: Dennis Goldberg.
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    Get toned or stay toned with Kim Lyon's line of gear Bionic Body. Find out more at zululardrelaanayariel.infoinfo
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    Bionics refers to the flow of concepts from biology to engineering and vice versa. Hence, there are two slightly different points of view regarding the meaning of the word. In medicine, bionics means the replacement or enhancement of organs or other body parts by mechanical versions.
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    Nov 07,  · Does the Bionic Band Really Work? It’s called the Bionic Band, a product that is supposed to provide a specific frequency that aligns the protons in your body. These protons are out of alignment due to frequencies such as TVs, cell phones and computers. According to the CEO: “That really kind of puts our body out of alignment, you get.

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